Dana Peterson

PhD Candidate in Seismology
Cornell University


In August of 2014 I started a PhD program at Cornell University in seismology. Specifically, I will be processing and interpreting seismic reflection data from offshore Cascadia to learn more about properties of the subducting plate and their relationship to seismic hazards.

I will also be working with passive seismic data from Laguna del Maule, Chile, to study the subsurface of a rapidly inflating rhyolitic volcanic field.

Earth Observatory of Singapore

From June 2013 – July 2014 I worked as a research assistant at the Earth Observatory of Singapore at NTU, studying the tectonics of Bangladesh in the Chittagong-Myanmar fold belt. I learned how to depth convert and interpret seismic reflection data for incorporation into a 3D fault model using Gocad software. I presented our initial model and results at AGU in 2013.

Students listening to a lecture by Prof. Judith Hubbard, explaining how to structurally interpret seismic reflection data.